Country factsheets

ILO PROSPECTS at a glance

The country factsheets provide an overview of the key interventions and results of PROSPECTS programme implementation.

PROSPECTS Partnership aims to support the transition from humanitarian to development-centred assistance, which can address long-term challenges and the combined needs of the host and refugee communities, and accelerate sustainable solutions to build more inclusive, cohesive and productive societies. 

Within this Partnership, the ILO plays a key role in the promotion of decent work. It focuses on strengthening local economic development and improving employability by equipping refugees and host communities with better and more relevant skills to enter local labour markets and to access enterprise development opportunities.

The programme is currently being implemented in eight countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt in the Middle-East and North Africa and Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia in the East Africa.

The factsheets were developed to summarize the context and key interventions being implemented by the ILO in these intervention countries. They provide a brief introduction of the programme's pillars, ongoing programme activities, results achieved and access to key resources.