ILO’s infrastructure investments resolve health and water access challenges in Sudan

Through employment-intensive investments three water points and a healthcare centre in Sudan were rehabilitated and handed over to community for operation and maintenance.

News | 22 December 2022

Addis Ababa (ILO News) - The community members in Kharsana, Keliak and Al-Meiram localities in West Kordofan, Sudan were in a celebratory mood. Their years of struggle to fetch water from miles away were about to come to an end.

The ILO and its partner ALIGHT had completed rehabilitation of three water points and a health centre serving host and refugee communities in the region. Between 21 to 24, November 2022, they were handed over to communities in the presence of Ministerial Counterparts (State Ministry of Health and State Water Provision Authority) and representatives from local community (beneficiaries).

Mr Ahmed Atia, National Officer, ILO PROSPECTS Sudan, explained, “These infrastructure assets were rehabilitated using the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) approaches which promotes job creation through infrastructure development works.”
In April 2021, the ILO trained local contractors on EIIP methodology and engaged them in the rehabilitation of the water sites and health centre. He added, “Through EIIP, the contractors engage the local community members to work at the construction sites. With this programme, the locals learn a new skill and receive income for their contribution.”

These project has so far created job for 72 locals and generated 2,350 workdays for the beneficiaries.

Children using the rehabilitated water point in West Kordofan ©ILO

However, along with the livelihood and skilling opportunities, the locals cherished the development of water points the most. West Kordofan is a rain-shadowed area largely covered by arid landscapes. “Fetching water is a hard job. It consumes nearly 2 hours everyday to get clean water. Thanks to these water points, that we won’t suffer anymore,” said Ms Egbal Joma, a community member.

As part of the handover process, the local and state government authorities took over the operation and maintenance of the ILO rehabilitated assets. During the ceremony, the line ministries conducted a final inspection and officially accepted the rehabilitated assets. Following the handover of the water points, water management committees involving locals have been formed at each site.

“The governments will assume full responsibility over the operation and maintenance of the assets now. The water management committees will be empowered through trainings on the operation, maintenance, and sustainability of the water points,” said an official of the State Rural Water Authority, present at the site.

Next year, the EIIP will collaborate with UNICEF in the rehabilitation work of four schools (2 in West Kordofan and 2 in East Darfur).

As part of the opportunity fund, the EIIP will collaborate with UNHCR in the construction of Motherhood and Childcare Centre and Women Centres in Babanusa and Ghubaysh localities in West Kordofan state.