Opportunity scouting and mapping analysis of inclusive skills and lifelong learning strategies and policies in Egypt

The report provides inclusive skills and lifelong learning implementation scenarios to address the skills mismatch and lack of decent work opportunities faced by the country.

Egypt suffers from a lack of decent work opportunities and a high youth unemployment rate. The later results from a widespread skills mismatch and the lack of demand-oriented and inclusive skills strategies and education policies.

Given the changing World of Work, the ILO aims to support Egypt in developing lifelong learning (LLL) strategies which cater to the industry demands and are inclusive, timely and contribute to needs-oriented workforce development.

Within the framework of the ILO-PROSPECTS: Partnership for improving prospects for forcibly displaced persons and host communities, the ILO in Egypt is promoting employability skills, inclusive skills and LLL pathways.

This study undertaken as a part of the programme includes a mapping of LLL and inclusive skills opportunities and introduces three concrete implementation strategies to enhance LLL and inclusive skills development in Egypt. These are,

1. systems to forecast skills needs;

2. strategies that allow persons with disabilities to access continuing training on an equal standing;

3. strategies for continuing education in specific fields such as new technologies (for example artificial intelligence, automation), IT, competencies of unskilled workers, skills for green jobs, including for women in particular.

These scenarios or project ideas outline possible donors and private sector buy-in and as a recommendation for the ILO’s future applications.