15th Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting - Thematic panel III: Rights at work and social dialogue

Discussions in this panel focuses on how governments can reduce informality, regulate the employment relationship and target persistent discrimination.

Programme and participants

Chair: Vice-chairperson of the Meeting

Moderator: Mr Guy Ryder, Executive Director, Standards and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work


  • Government: Senator Jacinta Collins, Parliamentary Secretary for School, Education and Workplace Relations, Australia
  • Government: Ms Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Secretary of Labour and Employment, Philippines
  • Employers Representative
  • Workers Representative

Resource person: Ms Shen Qinqin, Professor and Deputy Dean, China Institute for Industrial Relations


Throughout the region increasing numbers of collective and individual disputes are creating strain on dispute resolution mechanisms. Underpinning any solution must be a system that delivers more equitable growth. For this to happen, the region' future development must be based around adherence to international labour standards - including core and governance Conventions, respect for fundamental principles and rights at work, and effective mechanisms supporting dialogue, voice and organizational rights. 

Discussions in this panel focuses on how governments can reduce informality, regulate the employment relationship and target persistent discrimination. The session also looks at ways to link productivity and wages, using effective labour market institutions and social dialogue, and measures to ensure that workers have sufficient leverage in determining and protecting wages.

This panel is intended to be highly interactive, so that as many participants as possible are able to share their knowledge and express their views. The aim is to identify key, tangible, outcomes that can be achieved in the next four years through cooperative, tripartite work in the region, and to seek the commitment of constituents in taking the lead and implementing these activities.