15th Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting - Thematic panel I: Coordinated macroeconomic, employment and social protection policies

This panel considers ways that trade and investment policies can work with tax and social protection systems to support employment, and ensure that the benefits of growth and productivity are shared more widely.

Programme and participants

Chair: Vice-chair person of the Meeting

Moderator: Mr Stephen Pursey, Director, Department of Policy Integration


  • Government: Mr Yadong WANG, Deputy Director-General, Employment Promotion Department, MoHRSS, China
  • Employers Representative (tbc)
  • Workers Representative (tbc)
  • Resource person: Ms Sudha Pillai, Member Secretary, Planning Commission, India


A post-crisis, macroeconomic framework that supports more inclusive and balanced growth requires a renewed commitment to full employment as a core macroeconomic policy goal. This panel considers ways that trade and investment policies can work with tax and social protection systems to support employment, and ensure that the benefits of growth and productivity are shared more widely. Key questions include how to provide a basic social protection floor and public employment guarantee schemes targeting the unemployed and working poor. 

This panel is intended to be highly interactive, so that as many participants as possible are able to share their knowledge and express their views. The aim is to identify key, tangible, outcomes that can be achieved in the next four years through cooperative, tripartite work in the region, and to seek the commitment of constituents in taking the lead and implementing these activities.