Past events

June 2005

  1. World day against child labour 2005

    12 June 2005

    The World Day Against Child Labour 2005 focused on one of the most hazardous forms of child labour: children who work in mines and quarries. The World Day Against Child Labour was recognized in countries around the world on 12th June (and on 10th June at ILO Headquarters in Geneva).awareness of child labour among young people. SCREAM stands for Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media, but also reflects the silent suffering of working children and the need to give them a voice.

  2. "A Call to Action"

    10 June 2005

    Global partners and tripartite national delegations express their commitment to work with the ILO to eliminate all child labour in mines and quarries witin a set period of time.

May 2005

  1. Israel adopts the OSH-MS Guidelines

    5 May 2005

April 2005

  1. Argentina adopts the OSH-MS Guidelines

    28 April 2005

March 2005

  1. International Women's Day "Women Behind the Camera: Moving into Focus"

    8 March 2005

    This year, the International Labour Organization (ILO) will celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a round table discussion and a film festival focusing on female film directors.

February 2005

  1. 7th ILO European Regional Meeting: "East - West: A common future"

    15 - 18 February 2005

    Every four years, the regions of the ILO meet to discuss the most relevant workplace issues of the day. In 2005, the 7th European Regional Meeting of the ILO has been convened under the theme "East-West: A common future".

November 2004

  1. Ireland adopts the OSH-MS Guidelines

    30 November 2004

September 2004

  1. 42nd annual meeting of CIS centres

    17 - 18 September 2004

  2. World Day Against Child Labour 2004: Behind closed doors: child domestic labour

    12 September 2004

    Too many children who are in domestic labour are victims of exploitation. As they clean, cook, care for their employer’s children, do heavy housework, they are deprived of rights due to them as children in international law — the right to play; visits with their family and friends; decent accommodation; and protection from sexual harassment or physical and mental abus

  3. The African Union extra-ordinary summit on employment and poverty alleviation

    3 - 9 September 2004

    African Heads of State and Government are stating that the route out of poverty is a decent job.