1. ILO celebrates International Women's Day

    Work and family: The way to care is to share!

  2. World Day of Social Justice

    The first World Day of Social Justice, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly last November, will be observed on Friday 20 February 2009. On this occasion, the ILO will organize a panel discussion in Geneva on “The Crisis: Threat or Opportunity for Social Justice?”

  3. 90 years working for social justice

    In 2009 the ILO celebrates its 90th Anniversary, against a backdrop of financial crisis and critical levels of unemployment around the world. Looking to the future means understanding the past, and as such the ILO's 90th anniversary celebrations world wide focus on the theme of "90 years working for social justice" with a strong forward looking element, asking how the ILO's experience working through crisis can add a unique voice to the present day response to economic crisis.


  1. International Day of the World's Indigenous People

    The ILO will celebrate the International Day of the World's Indigenous People on August 8th.

  2. World Day for Safety and Health at Work – 28 April 2008

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an international campaign to promote safe, healthy, and decent work. This year, as in previous years, tripartite events will be taking place world wide, and a number of products are available from this web page to support those efforts. You are invited to join us in promoting this important day.

  3. International Women's Day – 7 March 2008

    Investing in Decent Work for women: Not just right, but smart!


  1. International Day of Disabled Persons – 3 December 2007

    Observed for 15 years, the International Day of Disabled Persons, 3 December, aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. This year's IDDP focuses on the right of persons with disabilities to have a decent work, on an equal basis with others.

  2. PowerPoint presentation for the World Day 2007

    ILO World Day for Safety and Health at Work

  3. World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2007


  1. Africa Cup of Nations

    An ILO campaign to fight child labour; calling for the progressive elimination of child labour and its worst, most hazardous forms as an urgent priority