Consultation on draft “Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on external employment” with Egyptian Ministry of Labour officials.

As part of the ongoing cooperation between the Egyptian Ministry of Labour (MoL) and the ILO through the EU-funded “Towards a Holistic Approach to Labour Migration Governance and Labour Mobility in North Africa” (THAMM) Programme, to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on external employment, a consultative meeting with 15 ministry officials from the different departments concerned with the placement of Egyptians abroad was held on 30 October 2023 in Cairo, Egypt.

The meeting culminates the efforts of the past period, as the ILO consultant commissioned to lead the development of the SOPs has been able to conduct a thorough desk review that mainly includes: a) a review of existing guidelines, forms, documents and procedures governing the placement of Egyptian migrant workers abroad; b) A review defining the roles and responsibilities of each of the departments concerned with employment abroad and analysing the interaction between them; and c) A legal review of the ministerial decisions and decisions issued by MoL regulating the procedures for employing Egyptian workers abroad. In addition, to conducting a number of meetings with all relevant MoL’s departments.
This allowed the consultant to develop the first draft of the SOPs, that was presented during the meeting and to collect the feedback from the participants in a joint and collaborative manner.

Based on the final comments and recommendations of the meeting, the initial draft of the SOPs shall be updated and which shall ultimately aim to standardize the steps and services provided by the Ministry in the field of external employment, and in accordance with national legislation, relevant international labour standards and fair recruitment general principles and operational guidelines.