Pathways to Progress: Somalia's 2nd TWG on Migrant Workers

The 2nd National Technical Working Group (TWG) on 25th September 2023 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Article | 05 October 2023
The ILO in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia, organised the 2nd National Technical Working Group on 25th September 2023 in Mogadishu, Somalia. The meeting served as a pivotal platform for reviewing the progress on labour migration projects in Somalia, with a special focus on the Better Regional Migration Management (BRMM) programme. The meeting brought together a total of 21 participants (1 female) from various government ministries and departments, and representatives from non-governmental entities, including the Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Federation of Somali Trade Unions.

The meeting was opened by H.E. Mr. Osman Libah Ibrahim, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, and was followed by a keynote addresses by Mr Omar Faruk Osman, the General Secretary of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU), who highlighted the critical importance of the meeting for assessing progress, addressing challenges and promoting collaboration. He also emphasised significant initiatives led by FESTU, including the establishment of the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) and Union-to-Union Agreements with Ethiopia. Additional keynote address was delivered by Mr Abdirashid Ali Ainanshe, Vice President of International Relations at the Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who accentuated the transformational impact of labour migration programs in enhancing Somalia's workforce's skills and knowledge. He illuminated the role of employers and ongoing negotiations for Bilateral Labour Agreements with other nations.
Ms Aida Awel, the BRMM Programme Chief Technical Advisor, outlined the objective of the meeting and the critical need for action in the area of labour migration governance. She highlighted the significant achievements made possible by BRMM activities in Somalia and provided in-depth update on the BRMM programme work plan, covering ongoing progress and upcoming activities in Somalia. Participants were also acquainted with the BRMM Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEAL) strategy.

During the meeting, participants explored non-ILO programmes related to labour migration, emphasising the current lack of such endeavours in Somalia. Moreover, participants identified key priorities for Somalia on labour migration, including the development of a labour migration policy, the development of regulations governing private employment agencies, and the enhancement of coordination between government institutions. The next TWG meeting has been scheduled for March 2024, illustrating the ILO's and its partners' continuous engagement in achieving great steps to improve labour migration governance in Somalia.