ProAgro Ethiopia project 3rd Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) meeting- from the meeting note

News | 18 November 2022

“The ILO facilitated training for professionals from EIC and regional investment bureaus from Amhara, Sidama and Oromia regions on investment attraction and aftercare targeting for two days that provided better learning to international standards and also experience sharing among the regions. Additionally, the support provided feedback on EIC; reviewed national and regional investment and aftercare strategies; and developed various tools.”
Fekadu Nigussie
Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC)

“CETU in collaboration with the ProAgro project, is trying to identify the gaps to create and promote social dialogue in the agro industrial parks in the country. For this, a concept note is being developed, and an implementation agreement will be signed soon with the ILO to build capacity and promote social dialogue among workers and employers in Yirgalem agro-processing industrial park in the Sidama region. Social dialogue will be promoted to help workers to unionize. Training will be provided to build capacity on international labour standards for employees as well as for employers to establish at least 10 trade unions.”
Demiss Wondaferew
Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Union (CETU)

“It is important to fill the gaps between employees’ hard and soft skills and the skills required in the market. Additionally, there has to be integration at federal and regional levels to improve the quality of services of the Employment Services Facilitation Centres (ESFC). Therefore, for the ESFC to provide added value, it is necessary to assess capacity gaps to help job seekers develop the required skills to be productive in the private sector.”
Alemtsehay Dersolign
Ministry of Labour and Skills (MoLS)

"The problem with employers going to employment centres to look for workers is the gap between the job seekers’ skills and the required skills. For this, different bodies need to coordinate in filling the skill gaps of job seekers so that employers will develop trust in the skills of job seekers."
Dawit Mogus
Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF)

It is important to engage with the private sector and promote the ESFC so that employers know about the centre to provide job opportunities for job seekers. For this, it is vital to improve the services at the centre rather than only registering job seekers.
Abebe Haile
Confederation of Ethiopian Employers Federations (CEEF)