Employment global products and tools: Other

Instructional material | 16 April 2020
  • Career guidance toolkit for Viet Nam
    Career Guidance toolkit was developed based on the Multi-intelligence theory of Howard Garner but when it was tested in the countries like Viet Nam; China and India, it was very much customized to match with the situation.
  • Decent Jobs for Youth Knowledge Platform
  • Global Skills for Employment Knowledge Sharing Platform
    The Global Skills for Employment Global Public-Private Knowledge Sharing Platform (Global KSP) shares the approaches and experiences that international organizations, governments, employers and workers have found are effective in strengthening the links between education and training to productive and decent work.
  • Training course on the management of vocational training centre
    This course provides insights into a systemic management approach and discusses the practical concepts and skills needed to prepare the vocational training Centres to face the challenges of the future of work.