Elimination of Asbestos related disease

Workshop on the National Action Plan for Elimination of Asbestos (ARDs) related diseases in Thai Nguyen Province

The main objective of the workshop is to contribute to the finalization of the National Action Plan for elimination of asbestos related diseases in Viet Nam through collecting comments and/or inputs from asbestos related enterprises and employers’ representative and other relevant stakeholders on the draft of the Action Plan.

The Government of Viet Nam banned the use of amphibole asbestos in 2004. However, the use of chrysotile has not only continued but has also significantly increased over the past years, since the Government’s plans to phase out and ban chrysotile in construction material by 2004 were postponed to 2010, and then again to 2020.

The Government has assigned the Ministry of construction to develop a roadmap to stop use of chrysotile in production of asbestos-cement roofing by 2020 and the Ministry of health to develop a National Action Plan for elimination of asbestos related diseases in Viet Nam (Governmental Office Letter: No 7307/VPCP-KGVX).

The first draft of the National Action Plan (NAP) for elimination of ARDs was prepared by the drafting team that gathers experienced experts from related ministries (MOH, MOLISA, MOIT, MOC, MONRE, MOST), social partners (VGCL), international organizations (ILO and WHO) and relevant institutes/hospitals. In August 2015, the ILO collaborated with MOH and WHO to organize a workshop in Hanoi to discuss the draft and collect comments and/or inputs from relevant Government agencies, workers’ representative organization, research institutes and other relevant agencies.

In order to further improve the draft, the workshop is organized by the MOLISA and MOH in collaboration with the ILO to get comments and opinions from asbestos-related enterprises and employers’ representative as well as relevant stakeholders on the draft. This is the final step before the draft is finalized and submitted at the end of November 2015 for the Prime Minister’s approval.

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