Mission statement

The Procurement Bureau falls under the Treasurer and Financial Comptroller. The mission of this service is to:
  • develop, disseminate and administer procurement policies, rules and procedures in accordance with the ILO Financial Regulations and Rules and other relevant ILO requirements;
  • oversee the procurement of goods and services for the Office as a whole and plan, coordinate, supervise and execute ILO procurement processes;
  • procure motor vehicles under all sources of funds;
  • advise on, negotiate, establish or accede to long-term agreements with vendors for the provision of commonly procured goods and services, coordinate and manage the use of long-term agreements across the ILO;
  • provide contracting support, including through (i) advising on drafting or reviewing and approving contract documents arising from procurement activities, (ii) negotiating and concluding contracts with ILO vendors, and (iii) interpreting contracts and resolving disputes arising during their implementation;
  • provide information, advice and training on procurement issues;
  • represent the ILO as a member of the Common Procurement Activities Group of Geneva-based International Organizations (CPAG) and;
  • represent the ILO as a member of High Level Committee on Management Procurement Network (HLCM-PN) for UN organizations.