Procurement FAQ

How can I register to be a vendor with the ILO Procurement Bureau?
Vendors seeking to register to conduct business with the ILO may do so online via the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).

I am interested in business opportunities at other UN agencies. Do I need to contact each agency individually?
Yes. To register with other UN agencies, vendors should follow the registration procedures set out at the UNGM.

Where can I find information on invitations to bid and requests for proposals?
The ILO publishes select Procurement Notices on the ILO Procurement home page and on the UNGM website. Detailed information on a specific tender is set out in the solicitation documents for the tender concerned.

My vendor registration application was successful but I have not been invited to bid. Why is this?
Vendors should note that by simply registering with the ILO they are not automatically guaranteed an invitation to submit tenders for ILO contracts. One reason why you may not have been invited to bid could be that the ILO does not currently require the goods or services that your company provides. It is also possible that your company has not met certain prequalification criteria attached to bidding on a specific ILO contract. Vendors are encouraged to actively seek out business opportunities advertised on the ILO Procurement website and the UNGM.

I am looking for information on current solicitations. Who can I contact?
For information on a particular solicitation you may refer to the relevant procurement notice published on the ILO Procurement website or the UNGM. Further inquiries may be addressed to

I have heard that ILO purchases are exempt from taxes and duties. Is this true?
As a specialized UN agency, the ILO is exempt from all direct taxes, except charges for utility services, and is exempt from customs duties and charges of similar nature in respect of articles imported or exported for its official use.

What minimum criteria must I meet to be eligible to do business with the ILO?
Please refer to the Vendor registration page of this website.

How does the ILO pay contractors?
For information on payment terms, please refer directly to the relevant standard ILO terms and conditions.

Does the ILO generally require performance guarantees to be provided in respect of contracts?
Performance guarantees may be required in some instances. This will depend on the nature of the contract and the work to be performed.

What are the principles of ILO procurement?
The following general principles are given due consideration when the purchasing and contracting functions of the ILO are exercised:

  • Best value for money;
  • Economy and efficiency to achieve quality and cost effectiveness;
  • Equitable, fair and open competition giving all eligible/qualified bidders an opportunity to participate; and
  • Transparency of procurement process and accountability.