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October 2022

  1. © AFP 2022

    Ukraine crisis

    ILO and ELA joined forces to reduce the risks of undeclared work, labour exploitation and trafficking in persons fleeing the war in Ukraine

    04 October 2022

    The workshop organised by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Labour Authority (ELA) resulted in recommendations to EU and other European countries, including Ukraine and Moldova, on how to respond to the risks of trafficking in human beings, forced labour and undeclared work of the persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.

  2. Migrant workers

    Australian Ambassador to ASEAN meets migrant workers and support providers in Cambodia

    03 October 2022

    Australian Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) visited a Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), supported by the TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme, in Prey Veng, Cambodia to speak with migrant workers and the organizations providing them with support services.

  3. News

    Social justice and equality will be at the heart of my mandate, says new ILO Director-General

    03 October 2022

    As he takes up his new position, Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo talks about his background, his priorities and his vision for the ILO and the world of work.

September 2022

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    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder concludes 10-year term in office

    30 September 2022

    ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, concludes 10 years of work, putting human-centred development and recovery at the heart of global policy-making. He handed the keys of office to his successor, Gilbert F. Houngbo.

  2. UNGA resolution on human rights

    UN General Assembly recognizes human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment

    29 September 2022

    Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Head of the ILO’s Green Jobs Unit and Tim de Meyer, Senior Adviser in the NORMES Department, explain the broader implications of the new UNGA resolution declaring a clean, healthy and sustainable environment to be a universal human right.

  3. © ILO 2022

    Mental health at work

    WHO and ILO call for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work

    28 September 2022

    New global WHO guidelines on mental health at work are reinforced by practical strategies outlined in a joint WHO/ILO policy brief.

  4. International Journal of Labour Research

    Unions must work together and find ways to organize new forms of work

    26 September 2022

    Trade unions need to strengthen their unity, attract more young people and organize workers in the digital economy, according to a new report.

  5. © James Boyes 2022

    Rights of football players

    ILO welcomes first global agreement on working conditions and rights of professional football players

    26 September 2022

    The Global Labour Agreement recognizes the importance of social dialogue in improving the rights and working conditions for professional male and female football players.

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    Podcast series: Global challenges – Global solutions

    Platform work and gender inequalities - A case study from India

    26 September 2022

    Over the past decade, the world has witnessed a rise in platforms and the growing platformization of work. These trends are also pervasive in India. While these developments have resulted in increased access to work for women, they are also characterized by a number of challenges. This episode examines these issues and offers some policy considerations for overcoming these challenges.

  7. World Maritime Day

    ILO standards improve maritime workers' protection

    25 September 2022

    Millions of people depend directly on the sea for their livelihoods and hundreds of millions more rely on them for food. Safeguarding the rights and conditions of seafarers has been part of the ILO’s work for more than 100 years. In June 2022, Member States adopted important amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 - which is widely known as the “seafarers’ bill of rights”.