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Tokyo International Conference on African Development

Decent work agenda for Africa to be promoted at TICAD 8

Key elements of the decent work agenda will be promoted at ILO-organized events taking place during the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8).

News | 22 August 2022
GENEVA (ILO News) - A High-Level Policy Dialogue on the Global Accelerator for Jobs and Social Protection for a Just Transition at Work in Africa will look at ways to secure funding and increase the domestic fiscal space of African countries so they can leverage the opportunities provided by the Global Accelerator.

A second side event, jointly organized with the Tunisian Ministry of Environment, will look at The Role of the Private Sector in Combating Climate Change and Promoting Sustainable Development.

Human Security and Emergency Jobs for Peace and Resilience will be the focus of a third side event. Organized with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), it will focus on knowledge and experiences gained through the Japan-ILO partnership, to promote decent work in fragile situations in Africa and use local resources and employment-intensive investment strategies to support inclusive and quality infrastructure development.

The theme of the fourth side event will be Policies for Resilience and Economic Transformation in Africa: Setting the Agenda for a post-COVID-19 era. Also organized with JICA, it will explore what is required to enhance Africa’s economic resilience against future shocks through economic transformation in the context of current global, continental, and regional trends.

Twenty-nine Heads of State are expected to take part in TICAD 8. The TICAD conference series was initiated by Japan in 1993 to promote high-level political dialogue between African leaders and their partners, integrate African priorities into international cooperation agendas, provide guidelines on Africa’s development and encourage support, and promote cooperation between Asia and Africa.

TICAD 8 is taking place in Tunis, Tunisia, in hybrid format, between 27-28 August 2022. It will bring together African countries and development partners, including international and regional organizations, donor countries, the private sector and civil society organizations dealing with African development.