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Note for the media: 92nd International Labour Conference, 1-17 June 2004

The 92nd International Labour Conference (ILC) will take place from 1-17 June 2004 in the Palais des Nations, 8-14 avenue de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland.

News | 26 May 2004

GENEVA (ILO News) – The 92nd International Labour Conference (ILC) will take place from 1-17 June 2004 in the Palais des Nations, 8-14 avenue de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland. The ILC is the annual tripartite Conference of the International Labour Organization's 177 member States. Here is some basic information for journalists wishing to cover this event (for more details on the ILO Conference programme, please see the ILO website or the conference preview press release to be published on 28 May).

Accreditation. Correspondents wishing to cover the ILC must have an accreditation. Journalists based in Geneva and holding permanent accreditation from the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), Department of Public Information, may cover the Conference without any additional accreditation. Visiting media, or those who do not have UNOG accreditation, should bring a valid photo i.d./press card and register at the International Labour Office (ILO), 4 route des Morillons, Geneva, Room 1-35 (phone: +4122/799-8288 or +4122/799-7943) to receive their passes. Please note, that as last year, accreditation is not possible in our offices in the United Nations during the ILC. Those applying for accreditation must be from news or information outlets in press, radio, television or photo.

Media Offices. During the Conference, ILC Media Offices will be located on the fifth floor of the Palais des Nations, adjacent to the Assembly Hall and the media gallery. Press materials and selected documents will be available in the Media Offices, ILO Documentation Office (5th Floor, Gallery) and in Press Room No. 1 in the Palais des Nations. The internal telephone numbers, as well as mobile telephone numbers of ILO Media staff will be posted in Press Room No. 1 as soon as Palais extensions are allocated. Media staff can be reached via the ILO main phone numbers (see below) or by calling +4179/593-1366 or +4179/593-1369. French desk is +4179/593-1463, Spanish desk is +4179/593-1465.

Access. All tripartite meetings of the ILO are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Correspondents should consult the Conference Daily Bulletin that will be distributed in Press Room No. 1 each morning for information on whether meetings are "open" or "closed". During debates, correspondents are invited to cover proceedings from special designated media areas. Correspondents who wish to speak to individual delegates or ILO officials are kindly asked to use discretion when entering Conference venues or contact ILO press officers for assistance.

Press conferences, briefings and announcements. Other press conferences and briefings will be announced in the press rooms of the Palais des Nations and via loudspeaker system regarding main documents and press materials, releases, press briefing, and other items of interest to correspondents. Those who wish to be added to the ILO electronic mailing list should send an email to or provide details to an ILO press officer.

Photographs. Information on the ILO Photo Service can be obtained from Ms. B. Mann (Gallery, 5th floor, elevator No.12).

Radio. The ILO provides radio correspondents with facilities in the Palais des Nations for conducting interviews or producing and transmitting dispatches pertaining to ILO and the ILC. Studio facilities can be reserved through the ILO Audio-visual Unit (Gallery, 5th floor, elevator No.12) or the radio technician's office No. E-10 (new UN building), Maurice Engler, mobile: +41/79/637-9470.

Filming of interviews can be arranged through the ILO Audio-visual Unit (Karen Naets-Sekiguchi, office A-565, mobile: +4179/593-1466). Video coverage of the proceedings of the ILC and the delegates' speeches in the Assembly Hall may also be obtained from the same office. Filming and videotaping of the ILC is limited to news, documentary and educational coverage of the meetings.

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