ILO in the media


  1. Video

    BBC World reports on youth unemployment in Indonesia

    16 December 2011

    High unemployment rates mean many young Indonesians have no choice but to work odd jobs in the informal sector, a fact which experts say holds back Indonesia's economic potential. But there are solutions: this BBC report, part of a week-long series on youth employment issues, shows one young Indonesian woman who successfully opened a mobile phone repair shop after receiving skills training from the International Labour Organization.

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    BBC World News Reports on Global Youth Unemployment

    12 December 2011

    A recent BBC World Service survey pointed to unemployment as the world's fastest-rising concern. The ILO's Executive Director of Employment, José Manuel Salazar, was interviewed at the start of BBC World TV's week-long focus on the issue of global youth unemployment. He explained why young people are disproportionately hit by unemployment and the social consequences for young people's long-term work prospects.

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    Youth Unemployment Focus on BBC World Business Report

    17 November 2011

    As unemployment hits a 15-year high in the UK at 2.6 million, BBC World Business Report discusses the implications of long-term unemployment, particularly as it affects young people. Ekkehard Ernst is Chief of the Employment Trends Unit at the International Labour Organization.

  4. Video

    BBC World Business Report reports from the G20 with Director General Juan Somavia

    04 November 2011

    BBC's Tanya Beckett talks to ILO Director General Juan Somavia about an action plan for investing in growth and jobs and the outcomes of the G20.

  5. Video

    BBC talks jobs crisis with Raymond Torres

    03 November 2011

    BBC News headlines the ILO World of Work report and talks to Raymond Torres about the threat of a deeper jobs crisis sparking wider social unrest.

  6. Video

    BBC World Business Report on Youth Employment

    20 October 2011

    Sara Elder, Senior Economist at the International Labour Office interviewed on BBC's World Business report, discusses a recent report about the "scarring" effects of long-term youth unemployment.

  7. Audio

    Voice of America Reports on New International Labour Convention for Domestic Workers

    16 June 2011

    Voice of America journalist, Lisa Schlein, reports from the International Labour Conference of the ILO about the adoption of a groundbreaking international labour standard for domestic workers.

  8. ILO in the media

    Al Jazeera Reports on World Day Against Child Labour 2011

    13 June 2011

    Al Jazeera English dedicated its news magazine programme "Inside Story" to the issue of hazardous child labour. Participating on the programme was ILO child labour expert, Susan Gunn. In a new report issued for World Day Against Child Labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) warns that a staggeringly high number of children are still caught in hazardous work - some 115 million of the world’s 215 million child labourers - and calls for urgent action to halt the practice.

  9. Al Jazeera

    Dismissed Workers in Bahrain: Al Jazeera Interviews the ILO's Guy Ryder

    16 May 2011

    Al Jazeera interviews the ILO's Guy Ryder about the dismissal of workers following pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, and the ILO's efforts to promote dialogue between the country's trade unionists, employers and the government to address the issue. Guy Ryder is the Executive Director for Standards and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, at the ILO.

  10. ILO in the media

    Global Employment Trends for 2011: BBC World Interviews ILO's Theodoor Sparreboom

    25 January 2011

    'The world has an unemployment problem that isn't going away," says BBC World Business Report presenter Juliette Foster, referring to the findings of the ILO's Global Employment Trends 2011 report. She interviews ILO economist Theodoor Sparreboom on persistently high global unemployment forecasted for 2011 especially among young people.