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April 2002

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    Beedi women workers in India

    30 April 2002

    While India now boasts a computer industry akin to silicon valley, there are still millions of informal workers such as Beedi rollers who earn barely enough to survive and are literally dying for a living.

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    Forced Labour in Niger

    26 April 2002

    Slavery is thought of as a thing of the past, but in certain African countries, such as Sudan, Niger and Mauritania, forced labour in its most ancient form still exists today. In Niger, the International Labour Organization is working with tribal chiefs to eradicate these modern forms of slavery and as ILO TV reports, the main thrust is to combat poverty.

March 2002

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    The Informal Sector

    11 March 2002

    Thirty years ago, the International Labour Organization coined the term “the informal sector” to describe the activities of the working poor. Today, this sector accounts for nearly half of all workers in the world and it is expanding in both developing and industrialized countries. ILO Television takes a look at how some of the working poor are working their way out of poverty.

February 2002

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    Working street children in Greece

    14 February 2002

    The trafficking of children from country to country is seen as one of the worst forms of child labour, according to the International Labour Organization. As ILO TV now reports from Greece, youngsters often end up working and living on the streets, but the reasons behind the phenomenon - and the children’s legal situation - are complex.

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    Romanian street children

    06 February 2002

    Beneath the streets of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, live hundreds of children who barely survive through begging, working on the streets or prostitution. The International Labour Organization is funding efforts to get them off the streets and back with their families, as ILO TV now reports.

January 2002

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    Bought and Sold (trailer)

    01 January 2002

    Human trafficking is a problem that touches just about every country in the world. Women and children, shipped out of their own country for the purposes of slavery and sexual exploitation; what are the circumstances that lead them to this plight? What are the prospects for their future? Full-length duration: 29 minutes.

December 2001

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    14 December 2001

    Beneath the palace-lined streets of St. Petersburg, live 16,000 children and their numbers are growing. Working street children are a new phenomenon in Russia brought on by the collapse of the Soviet system of support. They are only now learning how to cope.

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    12 December 2001

    Five years of civil war in Bosnia Herzegovina has left ruined villages and a ruptured economy. But in the city of Bihac, information and communication technology is paving a road to reconstruction.

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    07 December 2001

    More than 90 percent of the world’s trade tonnage is carried by a merchant fleet of some 50,000 ships. According to a report from the International Labour Organization (ILO), changes in the financing and management of these ships has led to deregulation and more flexible working conditions for seafarers, but these conditions are not always to their advantage.

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    05 December 2001

    It used to be that a seafarer would only abandon ship under the most dire circumstances. But more and more, it is the seafarer who is finding himself abandoned, stranded and forgotten in foreign ports all over the world. It is a growing problem as ILO Television explains: