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April 2007

  1. Statement

    Statement by Mr. Juan Somavia, on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April 2007)

    28 April 2007

  2. Article

    World Day for Safety and Health 2007: Making decent work a reality: improving health and safety at suppliers

    27 April 2007

    270 million accidents at work happen every year according to ILO estimates – 355,000 of which are fatal. The mortality rate in developing countries is five to seven times higher than in industrialised nations.

  3. Article

    11th African Regional Meeting (Addis Ababa, 24-27 April 2007) - Africa: Community-based micro-insurance for universal health coverage

    24 April 2007

    Almost 90 per cent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is not insured against the risk of illness or accident. In order to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups cope with life's contingencies, social protection is a powerful means of reducing poverty, emphasizes the report prepared for the Eleventh African Regional Meeting.

  4. Video

    Afghanistan: Women Entrepreneurs

    20 April 2007

    Afghan women are taking their handicraft skills to the market and playing an active role in the country's reconstruction and development.

  5. Article

    11th African Regional Meeting (Addis Ababa, 24-27 April 2007): From child soldier to entrepreneur

    20 April 2007

    Potentially one of the richest countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently one of the poorest. Eighty per cent of the population live on less than a dollar a day.

  6. Article

    11th African Regional Meeting (Addis Ababa, 24-27 April 2007): The power of dialogue: When words combine with actions

    20 April 2007

    The old adage goes "actions speak louder than words", but when it comes to governance, words are essential. A new report prepared for the ILO's African Regional Meeting on 24-27 April, shows how an ILO project targeting seven enterprises in two areas with high unemployment and HIV/AIDS combined skills development with social dialogue to improve performance and meet the challenge of growing textile imports.

  7. News

    Conclusions of the Tripartite Meeting on the Production of Electronic Components for the IT industries

    19 April 2007

    The IT sector has been among the most dynamic and innovative in the globalized economy, creating millions of jobs and wealth worldwide...

  8. Article

    Corporate social responsibility in the IT sector: Is it responsible enough?

    13 April 2007

    Multinational companies played a key role in attracting foreign direct investment, generating employment, providing training and raising wages in the IT sector worldwide. But there are also considerable social and labour challenges arising from their operations.

  9. Article

    Combining microinsurance and new technologies to protect the poor

    05 April 2007

    Microcredit can help the poor rise above poverty. Microinsurance can help them stay there. By providing protection against certain perils, microinsurance complements other financial and social services. Still, its development relies on significantly reducing operating expenses relative to premiums.

  10. Article

    Employment and working conditions in Europe: How much can one work?

    04 April 2007

    Unemployment, growing competition and the shift of the European Union (EU) from 10 to soon 27 member states have had a deep impact on employment and working conditions in the EU, says a new study by the ILO and the European Commission. For the first time, the study provides information on employment and working conditions in the enlarged EU and identifies the workers most at risk in this process. ILO Online reports from Croatia.