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December 2003

  1. Video

    Waste removal in Tanzania

    11 December 2003

    Youth unemployment accounts for nearly 60 per cent of Africa's jobless population. But in Dar es Salaam, women and young people have found the road out of poverty not only littered with waste, but with opportunity. ILO TV explains…

  2. Publication

    Women seafarers: Fighting against the tide? As on land, so by sea: Women join the ranks of seafarers

    01 December 2003

    Once only figureheads on the world's ocean-going ships, the entrance of women into the seafaring trade is a small, but growing phenomenon. Yet as women work their way onto the world's great ships, salt and the sea are only part of the challenges they face. As a new landmark ILO study points out, discrimination, sexual harassment and deep skepticism over their strengths and capabilities can be equally challenging.

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    Carving out a place in global markets: For Indonesia's traditional woodworking industry, globalization poses new challenges

    01 December 2003

    Globalization is altering the traditional wood furniture sector in Central Java, Indonesia, the major employer and export earner of this province. This labour- and resource-intensive industry is facing growing pressure from two sides: competitive strategies from other Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, the Phillipines and Vietnam that are cheaper and more responsive to global buyers' needs for quality, delivery and close customer relations, and an unsustainable rate of logging in the Indonesian teak plantations that, if left unchecked, will undermine this industry's supply of teak and mahogany in the next five years. The result? Jepara's wood working industry is now at a crossroads.

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    Union "dot orgs" come of age

    01 December 2003

    "Am I being paid what I should be, for the work I'm doing?" is a question many people ask but often find difficult to answer. Now, Internet sites dedicated to workplace issues can resolve this and other queries. Writer Andrew Bibby examines how workers and employers are navigating the information highway on bread and butter issues.

  5. Publication

    A universal challenge: Social security for the world

    01 December 2003

    Only one in five people worldwide enjoys adequate social security coverage. Faced with this stark reality, the ILO has initiated a new global campaign to encourage and assist member States to extend social security to all of their citizens. The Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All, reflects a global consensus among governments, employers and workers to take up this challenge. In this report, World of Work outlines this new campaign.

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    "We created jobs...": The forest peoples of Mayurbhanj

    01 December 2003

    In two and a half years, an innovative ILO project has helped create well over 2,000 jobs, and pull more than 200 indebted families out of a debt trap. This three-year ILO INDISCO project aims at creating decent employment for tribal peoples in the remote forests of Mayurbhanj in Orissa, India, and is well on its way to becoming a replicable model.

  7. Publication

    Xth African Regional Meeting: Decent work for Africa’s development: Signs of hope

    01 December 2003

    Half of Africa’s population, over 300 million people, live in extreme poverty on the equivalent of US$1 a day or less – the highest intra-regional poverty level and the widest gap between rich and poor in the world. Strategies for reducing such poverty and closing this gap through a job-centred development agenda are the main items on the table at the ILO 10th African Regional Meeting, on 2 to 5 December, in Addis Ababa. What are the key issues facing Africa today and what can be done about them?

September 2003

  1. Publication

    Application of standards: Committee considers Belarus, Colombia, Myanmar, other developments

    01 September 2003

    As part of ILO efforts to end the use of forced labour in Myanmar, the ILO Committee on the Application of Standards had a special sitting following up on measures taken in the context of Article 33 of the ILO Constitution. The Committee also discussed the events which have taken place since its December 2002 session, including the appointment of a facilitator for complaints of forced labour, and a recent agreement on a plan of action to eradicate forced labour.

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    Working out of poverty: Making jobs the objective

    01 September 2003

    Work is the best route out of poverty," ILO Director-General Juan Somavia told this June's International Labour Conference. He renewed the ILO pledge to bring decent work to all parts of the globe.

  3. Publication

    In Nepal, micro-insurance helps the poor cope with health needs

    01 September 2003

    In Nepal, the ILO's "STEP" programme (Strategies and Tools against Social Exclusion and Poverty) is working with local partners to develop health micro-insurance schemes and improve access to health care for workers in the informal economy.