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November 2007

  1. Statement

    International Migrants Day - Message by Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO

    29 November 2007

    "Gains from migration and protection of migrant rights are inseparable" said Mr. Juan Somavia, highlighting the enormous contributions made by women and men migrant workers to the prosperity of their home and destination countries, on the occasion of International Migrants Day, 18 December.

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    HIV/AIDS and Transport Workers: Driving for Change through Prevention

    29 November 2007

    The Training Toolkit on HIV/AIDS, which includes awareness raising and advocacy courses for transport workers produced by the ILO, IRU and ITF will be integrated in the IRU Academy Driver and Manager Programmes, for implementation in 2008 by all IRU Academy Accredited Training Institutes (Aits).

  3. Video

    World AIDS Day : Fighting AIDS on Commercial Farms in Zambia

    29 November 2007

    Whether it’s organising a football match or marching through the streets, Nurse Janet Mvula and a team of trained farm workers, called peer educators, are taking their AIDS awareness work beyond their workplace at York Farm to the local community.

  4. Video

    Video clip - Decent Work for a Fair Globalization

    28 November 2007

  5. Video

    Out of Informality - Ghana's Way to Decent Work

    27 November 2007

    Informal workers in Ghana are starting to see the benefits of more formal ways of working. With help from the ILO's Decent Work Pilot Project, people in Ajumako and Winneba, some of the poorest places in Ghana, are bringing about their own transition to Decent Work. Experts are sharing similar effective experiences this week at the “Interregional Symposium on the Informal Economy - Enabling transition to formalization”.

  6. Video

    Interview with Ibrahim Awad, ILO Director of the International Migration Programme, on a rights-based approach to managing migration

    20 November 2007

  7. Video

    Measuring a microfinance institution's efficiency: Interview with Bernd Balkhenhol, editor of the new book "Microfinance and public policy"

    20 November 2007

    Bernd Balkhenhol, editor of the new book "Microfinance and public policy: Outreach, performance and efficiency", talks to ILO TV about how efficiency is a fundamental performance criterion for public donors to consider when investing in microfinance institutions.

  8. Video

    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Robert M. Godsell, Former CEO, AngloGold Ashanti

    19 November 2007

  9. Video

    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Ebrahim Patel, Executive Member, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)

    19 November 2007

  10. Video

    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Juan Somavia, Director-General, International Labour Office

    19 November 2007