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May 2023

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    15th ETUC Congress

    Statement by ILO Director-General to European Trade Union Confederation

    24 May 2023

    ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo highlighted the urgent need for a Global Coalition for Social Justice and the critical role of the European Trade Unions in championing workers' rights, addressing inequalities, and promoting decent work amidst global crisis and technological transformations.

  2. Video

    Maternity cash benefit for women in Kenya's informal economy - a call to action

    24 May 2023

    This video is a call to action to provide women in the informal sector in Kenya with maternity cash benefit to ensure that they are cushioned against income losses during pregnancy.

  3. Video

    Occupational Safety and Health in Ethiopia's Small & Medium Enterprises: ILO intervention & results

    17 May 2023

    This video shows how the ILO Siraye Programme helps workers to have “a safe and healthy working environment” at Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  4. Video

    Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in Ethiopia's Industrial Parks - ILO intervention and results

    17 May 2023

    This short video shows the measures taken by enterprises at Bole Lemi Industrial Park in Ethiopia to ensure Occupational Safety and Health for workers with support from ILO Siraye Programme.

  5. Our impact, their voices

    Life experiences help Filipino workers avoid pitfalls of migration

    17 May 2023

    Two women who have survived violence and discrimination help Overseas Filipino Workers and their families through the Migrant Worker Resource Centre.

  6. Publication

    BRMM Success Story: COVID-19 impacted returnees' reintegration into the Ethiopian labour market

    15 May 2023

    "The ILO training was an eyeopener. I was able to comprehend the basic needs of a successful start-up".

  7. Publication

    BRMM Success Story: A returnee raised her income and improved her skills

    15 May 2023

    "After the first day of the ILO training, I decided to work in my own country."

  8. Publication

    BRMM Success Story: Mitiku's unemployed struggle ended through entrepreneurship

    15 May 2023

    "I am currently providing laundry service from my home and searching for a larger pace to rent and expand my business. I am also planning to hire one more individual to assist me."

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    ILOSTAT Blog

    Nurses and midwives: Overworked, underpaid, undervalued?

    12 May 2023

    In May, we recognize International Day of the Midwife and International Nurses Day, highlighting the important work of these healthcare professionals. However, nurses and midwives, mainly women, endure long hours and low pay. How can we enhance their working conditions and enable them to provide optimal care?

  10. 75th anniversary of International Road Transport Union (IRU)

    Road transport is essential for human-centred development, inclusivity and prosperity

    12 May 2023

    Speech by ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo to International Road Transport Union (IRU)’s 75th anniversary.