Stories on work, peace and resilience

  1. 95th session of the International Labour Conference, 2006
    "Papa na come": Liberia rises from the ashes, exchanges guns for jobs

    07 June 2006

    Fourteen years of civil war killed 250,000 of the 5 million Liberians, displaced most of the others, quadrupled the number of people living with HIV/AIDS and left the country with a US$3.5 billion external debt.

  2. Working out of Disaster: Tsunami, one year after

    06 January 2006

    On the morning of 26 December 2004 a massive earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia triggered a series of tsunami waves that struck the coastal regions of Asia and Africa. In Asia, the coastal areas of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand bore the brunt of the damage. The ILO, together with the governments, employers' and workers' organizations in these four countries has been engaged in its largest-ever income generation and employment creation effort, helping to restore the livelihoods of people affected. To mark the first year after the disaster the ILO has documented the lives of those people affected by the disaster and their efforts to get back to work quickly and rebuild their lives


    03 February 2004

    While countries struggle to come to terms with globalization, there’s a need for development strategies to help boost the economy and create jobs. As ILO TV now reports from Croatia, there’s a growing consensus that traditional, top-down development policies have failed to deliver, and there’s increasing interest in local economic development.

  4. Work of giants in Cambodia

    07 May 2002

    When a country emerges from decades of conflict, it takes a gigantic effort to rebuild it. In Cambodia, a book from the International Labour Organization details the reconstruction of an economy and the rebuilding of a devastated infrastructure.


    12 December 2001

    Five years of civil war in Bosnia Herzegovina has left ruined villages and a ruptured economy. But in the city of Bihac, information and communication technology is paving a road to reconstruction.