Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN)

Model UN students debate international response to global crises

The student organization holds its annual conference at ILO headquarters.

News | 14 February 2023
GENEVA (ILO News) – The International Labour Organization is hosting the annual conference of the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN), a non-governmental organization run entirely by students, that promotes the ideals and principles of the United Nations.

The conference, which takes place 13 – 17 February, focusses on the role and importance of regional organizations in addressing conflicts and crisis.

“The consequences of the economic and social crises of recent years have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the human tragedies, these crises have revealed the interdependence of economies and societies around the world and the crucial need for concerted action at global, regional and national levels,” said Christophe Perrin, Officer in Charge of External and Corporate Relations at the ILO, during the opening ceremony.  

This edition of the Conference is trilingual. Delegates will have the opportunity to debate in English, French and Spanish. It will host several ‘model’ committees, including three UN committees; a legal committee, the International Criminal Court; a historical committee, the Paris Peace Conference; and three regional committees: the African Union, the Organization of American States, and the ASEAN Regional Forum.