Interview with Mr. Quintino M. Severo, General Secretary, Central Sindical dos Trabalhadores (CUT), Brazil (in Portuguese)

Date issued: 14 June 2010 | Size/duration: 00:02:09 (7.06 MB)
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I think that reaching a coordinated response to the crisis becomes more difficult day by day. Right now, countries should do more to discuss alternative models of development, leading to production not financial speculation. Countries are using policies which lead to unemployment, labour market reform, and privatisation of the state. And because of this it is getting harder and harder for countries to work together against the crisis. Unlike Europe, we in Brazil are not threatened by austerity measures.

Government, employers, and workers are all committed to avoiding these austerity measures which will lower the levels of employment. We have agreed not to go backwards in terms of public policy. One of the biggest challenges for the global jobs pact is for countries to strengthen government ability to protect employment.