World Employment and Social Outlook

Which sector will create the most jobs?

This chart shows how various sectors of the global labour economy grew or shrank between 2010-2013 (horizontal axis) and how much they’re expected to grow or shrink between 2014-2019 (vertical axis).

Key findings

  1. Private sector services together with accommodation and restaurant are expected to create jobs at the fastest rate of any sector in the economy for the next five years.
  2. The utilities sector produced jobs at the highest rate between 2010-2013, but it is not expected to continue doing so. Job growth in utilities is expected to slow from 8.16% between 2010-2013 to 1.29% between 2014-2019.
  3. The agriculture and forestry sector, while still the biggest part of the global market, will continue to shed jobs over the next five years, as it did between 2010-2013. The mining and quarrying industry is also expected to lose jobs.

Employment Growth by Sector
after a period of decline
consecutive growth
over both periods
consecutive decline
over both periods
after a period of growth