Impact and people


  1. World AIDS Day 2006 The workforce and HIV/AIDS: Employment is a crucial lifeline

    30 November 2006

    In 2005, more than 3 million labour force participants worldwide were partially or fully unable to work because of illness due to AIDS. A new ILO report on HIV/AIDS and work ( Note 1) shows that both prevention and treatment could bring significant benefits to the global labour force and the economy, more particularly accessible and effective antiretroviral drug therapy (ARVs). ILO Online reports from Kenya.

  2. Universal Children's Day: Stop violence against children in the workplace!

    17 November 2006

    Every year, millions of children who work pay a heavy price in terms of pain and abuse for their labour. The "World Report on Violence Against Children", launched on Universal Children's Day says many of the world's more than 300 million child and adolescent workers suffer ill-treatment, physical and psychological violence, verbal or sexual abuse. The report paints a stark picture of the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, including forms of violence in places of work ILO Online reports.

  3. 297th Session of the ILO Governing Body (2-17 November 2006) ILO calls for "ambitious reforms" in labour inspection

    16 November 2006

    The world's 120,000 labour inspectors face daunting challenges: preventing 2.2 million fatal occupational diseases and accidents each year and contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS, child labour and forced labour. The Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) has called today for an international strategy to modernize and strengthen labour inspection.

  4. Combating child labour: Lessons from the Turkish labour inspection experience

    07 November 2006

    Over the last two years, more than 4,000 children and youth in three Turkish provinces have been withdrawn or prevented from entering the worst forms of child labour thanks to a labour inspection project launched by the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC). Now, IPEC partners in South Eastern Europe and Central Asia are seeking ways of sharing what they learned more widely.

  5. Social protection for all: challenges and policies

    03 November 2006

    In 1948, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations proclaimed that "Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security…". Yet today, only 20 per cent of the world's population enjoys access to adequate social protection, while more than half have no cover whatsoever. As part of the Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All launched by the ILO in 2003, a study group has been examining the extension of social protection in the world ( Note 1) so that what is recognized as a universal right can become a reality for everyone. ILO Online spoke with Emmanuel Reynaud, Senior Adviser on the Informal Economy, in the ILO's Social Protection Sector.

  6. Wanted: Job with decent wage

    27 October 2006

    Youth unemployment is a persistent problem in Latin America, but there is also a need to improve the quality of jobs, according to a new report repared by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Luis Cordova reports from Santiago de Chile for ILO OnLine.

  7. Youth employment: why Nikola can't afford to wait

    27 October 2006

    The EXIT Festival, a major European music event, started out being against war but now turns on efforts to combat youth unemployment. A new ILO report says that one out of every three youth in the world is either seeking but unable to find work, has given up the job search entirely or is working but still living below the US$2 a day poverty line. ILO Online reports from Novi Sad, Serbia.

  8. International drivers: from delays to disease, a heavy load to haul

    20 October 2006

    An ever increasing demand for international road transport has brought up new and difficult challenges for the road transport sector, including excessive border delays, inefficient or corrupt border control officers and drivers' vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. A new ILO report prepared for a forthcoming tripartite meeting at the ILO in Geneva examines socially responsible solutions to these problems.

  9. International Day for Poverty Eradication 2006 Working Together out of Poverty

    16 October 2006

    This year's theme for the International Day for Poverty Eradication is " Working Together out of Poverty". Nearly half of the world's 2.8 billion workers are unable to earn enough to lift themselves and their family members above the US$2 a day poverty line. Promoting decent work opportunities for all is therefore vital for global efforts to achieve international development goals to cut the numbers of people living in extreme poverty by half by 2015, according to ILO Director-General Juan Somavia.

  10. New UN Report on violence against children: the workplace setting Zero tolerance for violence against children in the workplace

    12 October 2006

    A new report by the United Nations on violence against children is to be transmitted to the UN General Assembly this week. One of its sections is devoted to violence as it affects children who work. According to the report, the key departure point has to be a policy of zero tolerance of violence against children who are working - whether legally or in child labour. Frans Roselaers, Director of the ILO's Department of Partnerships and Development Cooperation and member of the editorial board of the report says that although the end of child labour may be in reach, stopping violence against working children is an urgent need.