Performance management

Following the introduction of results-based management in the International Labour Office and the implementation of the Human Resource Strategy (2006–09), the Office developed a new Performance Management Framework (PMF). The PMF was first implemented in the 2010-11 biennium and is now available through the ILO’s e-Talent Management suite, ILO People.

The PMF is comprised of the required processes and tools for the effective management of staff performance at all levels, and focuses on results, competencies and development. It provides a forward-looking and comprehensive approach to the management of performance and involves the planning, monitoring and assessment of work with an emphasis on dialogue and feedback.

The PMF is designed to:
  • Promote accountability at all levels.
  • Provide Member States and Constituents with greater visibility regarding staff performance in achieving the goals of the ILO.
  • Link results-based principles and objectives at the organizational level with individual results.
  • Encourage on-going dialogue and feedback between staff members and their managers.
  • Increase clarity regarding performance expectations through an agreed plan.
  • Support the growth and development of all staff as well as tackle underperformance.
  • Provide the basis for rewards and recognition.

The PMF is linked to the ILO’s overall programming cycle and aligns individual efforts and results with units’ and organizational goals. This supports the Office in making the best use of its human resources.