Global level programming in the ILO

Building from the Strategic Plan, the biennial Programme and Budget further specifies the strategies the ILO will implement in the biennium to achieve the outcomes and the resources necessary to do so. The Programme and Budget is proposed by the ILO’s Governing Body to the International Labour Conference and must be adopted through a vote of the Conference.

A more detailed internal planning process ensures Office-wide coherence and collaboration in achieving results. At the start of each biennium, Outcome-Based Workplans are prepared for each outcome set in the results framework for the period, detailing how resources will be allocated and coordinated across the Office to deliver concrete results.

These workplans and related resources combine inputs from both ILO departments at headquarters and field offices in the regions under all sources of funding, and establish clear accountabilities and time frames.

The ILO’s resource mobilization and programming of new voluntary contributions uses this system to ensure that donors’ funding is fully aligned with country-level priorities and that it contributed to the achievement of the ILO’s biennial objectives.

Outcome-Based Workplans are periodically reviewed and adjusted in consultations between ILO field offices and headquarters departments.