GB.340/INS/18/1/Decision and related comments

Decision concerning the update on the status of ratification of the 1986 Instrument for the Amendment of the Constitution of the ILO and follow-up to paragraph 3 of the resolution on the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work

Record of decisions | 30 October 2020

The Governing Body decided by correspondence that:

a) the tripartite working group on full, equal and democratic participation in the ILO’s tripartite governance shall be mandated to discuss, develop and present proposals to the Governing Body on the full, equal and democratic participation of the ILO’s constituents in the Organization’s tripartite governance by ensuring a fair representation of all regions and establishing the principle of equality among Member States;
b) the tripartite working group shall be composed of 14 Government members from each of the four regions and the Employers’ and Workers’ group secretariats while all interested governments may attend and participate in the discussions;
c) the Government members of the tripartite working group shall nominate one of them as Chairperson of the working group and, in case of no agreement on a single Chairperson, two Government members shall be nominated to co-chair the working group; and
d) the tripartite working group shall hold two meetings prior to its 341st Session (March 2021) and submit its first report to that session.

(GB.340/INS/18/1, paragraph 19)

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