Manual for drafting ILO instruments

The Manual for drafting ILO instruments is a reference guide for all those involved, directly or indirectly, in the process of developing and drafting international labour standards - Conventions and Recommendations.

It is a useful tool for participants to the International Labour Conference, labour law specialists and researchers, as well as anyone wishing to understand international labour standards in detail. As a unique drafting guide in the field of multilateral treaty-making, it is also of interest to legal experts, translators and others dealing with international institutions.

The Manual, available both in printed and electronic form, explains the drafting practices of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in its standard-setting activities. Using examples from ILO records since 1919, the Manual shows how drafting problems have been resolved and sets out non-binding observations and recommendations. It covers both the main formal components and certain substantive aspects of ILO instruments.

The Manual was prepared by the Office of the Legal Adviser of the International Labour Office and examined by a meeting of a group of experts, nominated by governments, and employers' and workers' organizations, in January 2005.