Regular budget income

Regular budget

The ILO’s financial period consists of two consecutive calendar years. For every financial period, the Director-General prepares programme and budget proposals containing estimates of the income and expenditure of the Organization and the proposed budget rate of exchange between the United States dollar and the Swiss franc.

The estimate of expenditure is expressed in United States dollars. The estimate of income is expressed in United States dollars and in Swiss francs converted at the budget rate of exchange.

The decision of the International Labour Conference adopting the budget is taken on a record vote requiring a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the delegates present.

Assessed contributions

The Regular Budget expenses of the Organization are borne by the Members of the Organization in the proportions approved by the International Labour Conference.

The Governing Body considers the rate of contribution to be assessed on each Member of the Organization and makes proposals thereon for submission to the Finance Committee of Government Representatives at the International Labour Conference. The Conference then takes its decision on the basis of a report from that Committee.

The budget of income of the Organization for a given financial period is due and payable as to one-half of the total on 1 January of the first calendar year of such period, and as to the balance on 1 January of the second calendar year of the same period.

The assessed contributions are payable in Swiss francs.

Status of contributions

Contributions received are, in the first instance, applied against outstanding arrears of contribution (unless a financial arrangement has been approved by the International Labour Conference).