Decision concerning the update on the United Nations reform

Record of decisions | 08 November 2018

The Governing Body:

(a) welcomed the United Nations General Assembly resolution “Repositioning of the United Nations development system in the context of the quadrennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system” (A/RES/72/279) adopted on 31 May 2018 and the implications for the work of the ILO;

(b) requested the Director-General to take leadership in ensuring tripartism and the specific role of the social partners in the implementation of the resolution and related inter-agency coordination mechanisms, taking fully into account the views and positions expressed in the Governing Body on this matter at its current and previous sessions;

(c) decided to review the implications, challenges and opportunities of the UN reform for the ILO at its March 2019 session on the basis of a comprehensive analysis to be prepared by the Office, in consultation with the constituents, and a plan of action to implement the reform addressing issues and challenges expressed by the Governing Body, including how to preserve the ILO’s tripartite governance structure, normative mandate and programmatic priorities;

(d) took note of the strong commitment expressed by the governments to the principle of tripartism and the importance of the role that the social partners should play in the implementation of the reformed UN system;

(e) requested the Director-General to organize regular consultations with the constituents on, inter alia, the promotion of tripartism in the context of the reform of the UN development system with a view to feeding into the ILO’s strategy for its engagement in the reform process (and to foster dialogue between Geneva and New York);

(f) expressed understanding for the demands of the International Trade Union Confederation and the International Organisation of Employers to be granted observer status in the United Nations General Assembly in order to allow for their participation in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly with respect to the UN reform process, and agreed to bring this matter to the next Governing Body session to consider further appropriate action; and

(g) decided that the cost of the doubling of the cost-sharing contribution to the Resident Coordinator system for 2019, estimated at US$2.2 million, would be financed in the first instance from savings that might arise under Part I of the budget for 2018–19 or, failing that, through the use of the provision for unforeseen expenditure, in Part II. Should that not prove possible, the Director-General would propose alternative methods of financing at a later stage in the 2018–19 biennium.

(GB.334/INS/4, paragraph 35, as amended by the Governing Body.)