The ILO and the multilateral system

Decent work – work that takes place in freedom, equity, security and dignity – is now a global goal, as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders in September 2015. In order to achieve decent work for all women and men in all corners of the world, governments, businesses, employers’ and workers’ organizations need to make this a political priority.

The multilateral system, with the United Nations at its core, provides support to countries in their endeavours to achieve sustainable development. The United Nations, including the ILO, continues to reform to be fit for this purpose.

The ILO works towards to a more coherent UN system-wide approach to sustainable development, both in terms of policies and through operational practices in UN processes and country programmes. The Organization is well positioned within the multilateral system to advocate and work for the achievement of decent work, by joining efforts with its many partners at global, regional and country levels.

How the ILO works with the multilateral system

  1. The ILO and the United Nations

    The ILO works with the rest of the UN family, at all levels, to promote decent work and sustainable development.

  2. The ILO and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development

    A new post-2015 era demands a responsive framework where prominence is given to “inclusive and sustainable growth and decent employment” as part of transformative and mutually reinforcing actions for all countries.

  3. The ILO and the World Bank Group

    The World Bank Group and the ILO have partnered to help countries invest in stronger social protection systems, encourage youth employment, promote skills development and build resilient infrastructure to encourage employment opportunities.

  4. The ILO and the G20

    The G20 can be seen as the premier forum for international economic cooperation and the ILO contributes data, analysis and policy recommendations on labour, economic and social issues to the G20 to strengthen the global economy.

The ILO and other multilateral partnerships

  1. The ILO and the International Monetary Fund

    The IMF and the ILO have come together to stimulate discussion on how international cooperation and policy innovation can improve the capacity of economies to generate enough good jobs to strengthen social cohesion.

  2. A global partnership to create more & better private sector jobs

    The ILO and the Let's Work Partnership

    Let’s Work is a global partnership that unites the ILO and a range of International Financial Institutions and organizations dedicated to providing effective solutions to the global jobs crisis by harnessing the potential of the private sector to help create more and better jobs that are inclusive.