Germany 2022

Goals of the Employment Task Force

  1. Under the overall theme of Just Transition in times of structural change: Creating decent work in an inclusive, green economy, the work of the Employment Task Force under the German Presidency focuses on the following aspects:

    • Enhancing employability: Identifying needs and harnessing potential
    • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH): Seizing opportunities and addressing challenges
    • Socially responsible measures to fight climate change
    • Special issue: Making supply chains sustainable - towards an internationally accepted binding standard for corporate due diligence in supply and value chains

ILO's contributions to G7

  1. Employment Task Force

    1st Employment Task Force meeting
    The impact of the 3Ds on G7 labour markets: Key issues [paper] [presentation]
    Making climate change socially just [presentation]
    Green Jobs, Green Economy, and Just Transition Concepts and Definitions: The UN-ILO perspective [presentation]

    2nd Employment Task Force meeting
    Possible inclusion of OSH within the framework of fundamental principles and rights at work: Current state and future prospects [presentation]
    Vision Zero Fund [presentation]