Inclusive Future of Work: China

Country brief prepared for the 1st EWG under the 2019 Brazilian presidency of the BRICS

Following the achievement of impressive socio-economic progress over the last 40 years of Reform and Opening-up, today China faces a number of challenges, which, beyond global economic uncertainty, include the uneven level of development across its provinces, high levels of wealth and income inequalities, environmental degradation and a rapidly ageing society. China is also at the forefront of technological innovation, which has become a key driver of growth and development. In that context, the promotion of inclusive and decent work, particularly in the booming service sector, is an important objective to support the continued upward trend in China’s socio-economic development. Finding the right policy mix to address these different challenges simultaneously is the priority of the Chinese government, which has already taken a number of significant measures. Given the size of the country and the importance of its economy, the future of work at the global level is likely to be influenced by the future of work in China.