International Women’s Day

ILO Director-General, Gilbert Houngbo, message for International Women’s Day

Statement | 08 March 2023
When it comes to gender equality, our systems and societies are still failing to deliver.

If we don’t change direction, it will take more than a century for women to have the same economic and social opportunities as men.

The multiple, overlapping, political, economic, and social crises that we are grappling with have worsened inequalities for all, but especially for women and girls – particularly those already in vulnerable situations.

We are in a time of enormous change. We can leverage this change to improve opportunities and promote equal rights. This will not just benefit women and girls. It will benefit us all, because gender equality is essential for social justice and key to productive, resilient economies.

We need a transformative agenda for gender equality and to change the prevailing male-dominated power structures. The ILO, with our constituents, is working to make this a reality, both with policies and with actions.

It is an essential step on the road towards social justice for all.