ILO's Director-General: In the media

January 2022

  1. CNN

    Guy Ryder tells CNN job growth expected to be slow and uncertain in 2022

    20 January 2022

    ILO Director-General joins Richard Quest on CNN to share the results of the World Employment and Social Outlook report for 2022. He says that we are looking at a two-speed recovery with richer countries doing better than the developed ones, further entrenching inequalities between and within countries. The global community need to do better to get vaccines rolled out across the world and ensure dept does not become a trap for poorer regions.

  2. © Conor Lennon / UN News 2023

    UN News

    UN labour agency chief predicts slow recovery to pre-pandemic jobs levels

    17 January 2022

  3. © Brian Snyder / Reuters 2023

    The Wall Street Journal

    Full Recovery in Global Labor Market Could Take Years

    17 January 2022

  4. © Nam Y Huh / AP 2023

    The Guardian

    Covid variants have led to worse global unemployment, says ILO

    17 January 2022

  5. © Ranita Roy/Reuters 2023

    Al Jazeera

    Global employment won’t recover before 2023: UN labour body

    17 January 2022

  6. © andresr | E+ | Getty Images 2023


    UN body warns of slowdown in the jobs recovery due to new variants, Covid uncertainty

    17 January 2022

  7. © Bloomberg 2023


    Virus Variants Dim the Prospects for a Global Jobs Recovery

    17 January 2022

  8. © Ramzi Boudina / Reuters 2023


    Global jobs recovery delayed by pandemic uncertainty, Omicron, ILO says

    17 January 2022

September 2021

  1. © The Standard 2023

    The Standard

    Work sends 2m labourers to early grave

    19 September 2021

  2. SABC

    ILO reports on social protection systems: Guy Ryder

    05 September 2021