Investigation and inspection

The Investigation and Inspection Unit investigates allegations of financial misconduct, such as fraud, bribery and corruption as well as administrative and other misconduct.

The ILO has zero tolerance to fraud and dishonesty. Every case of fraud, presumption of fraud or attempted fraud or dishonesty will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. (IGDS No 69, Office directives, “Anti-fraud Policy”)

All investigations by the Investigation and Inspection Unit are carried out in conformity with the Uniform Standards for Investigators adopted by the 3rd Conference of International Investigators of the United Nations and Multilateral Financial Institutions on 6 June 2002. ("Standard Operating Procedure Investigations", Office of Internal Audit & Oversight, July 2018)

A Special Note: It is very important that Officials, on discovering potential fraud or on suspicion of fraud or attempted fraud, bribery, corruption or dishonesty, report the matter immediately to the Director General through the Treasurer and Financial Comptroller and the Chief Internal Auditor.

Officials should therefore not conduct their own investigations, prior to informing the appropriate authorities as referred to above.