About the Office of Internal Audit and Oversight

Our position in the ILO

Internal Audit and Oversight operates independently from all other parts of the ILO, and the Chief Internal Auditor reports directly to the Director General.

The Chief Internal Auditor and members of IAO are not authorized to be involved in the day to day operational activities of the Office, in order to maintain an impartial, unbiased attitude and avoid conflicts of interest.

Our structure

Chief Internal Auditor Anthony WATSON +41 22 799 8703 watson@ilo.org
Audit Assistant and Fund Control Officer Rosemary TERRA-STURZENEGGER +41 22 799 7266 terra@ilo.org
Assurance Audit Unit      
Senior Auditor Stephen SLAMPYAK  +41 22 799 8336  slampyak@ilo.org
Senior Auditor Tiptada VONGPAKDI  +41 22 799 7896  vongpakdi@ilo.org
Senior Auditor Steven WOESS  + 41 22 799 8176  woess@ilo.org
Investigation Unit      
Chief of Unit / Principal Investigator     
Secretary Louise Mc Namara   
Senior Investigator      
Junior Investigator