Programme, Financial and Administrative Section (PFA)

Programme, Financial and Administrative Segment

  1. 1

    ILO programme implementation 2012-13

  2. 2

    Delegation of authority under article 18 of the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference

  3. 3

    Strategic Policy Framework

  4. 4

    United Nations system coordination: Financial implications for the ILO

  5. 5

    Building questions: Headquarters building renovation project

  6. 6

    Disposition of the funds and assets that remain in the accounts of the International Institute for Labour Studies

  7. 7

    Other financial questions

Personnel Segment

  1. 12

    Statement by the staff representative

  2. 13

    Proposals arising from the Director-General's reform plan of action in the area of human resource management

  3. 14

    Other personnel questions