Enhanced programme of technical cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

The report highlights ILO responses to address the situation of workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, taking into account the severe socio-economic challenges facing the Palestinian people. It highlights the progress and achievements made in key areas, including: promoting labour rights and improved labour market governance; enhancing employment and livelihood opportunities for Palestinian women and men; and supporting the development of a comprehensive social security system. Building on the progress made and lessons learnt in these areas, the ILO and its tripartite constituents developed a Decent Work Programme (DWP) that will be launched in the last quarter of 2013. The DWP will support ongoing national efforts to sustain social cohesion, justice and equality through a more integrated and coherent approach, while ensuring alignment with the National Development Plan, sectoral strategy of the Ministry of Labour, and the first United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the State of Palestine (2014–2016) which is expected to be launched soon.

Conference paper | 10 September 2013