Policy Development Section (POL)

Employment and Social Protection Segment

  1. 1.

    Labour migration

  2. 2.

    Disability inclusion

  3. 3.

    Discussion about the effect given to the decision adopted in November 2011 on the item entitled Green jobs, decent work and sustainable development, with a focus on the implication for the ILO’s programme of work of the outcome of the UNCSD 2012 (Rio+20)

Social Dialogue Segment

  1. 4.

    Sectoral activities programme 2012–13

Technical Cooperation Segment

  1. 5.

    South–South and triangular cooperation: The way forward - Revised indicators  for the strategy adopted in March 2012

  2. 6.

    Public–private partnerships: The way forward

  3. 7.

    Enhanced programme of technical cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

  4. 8.

    Implementation of the tripartite Agreement on Freedom of Association and Democracy in Colombia