Policy Development Section (POL)

Employment and Social Protection Segment

  1. 1

    Follow-up to the Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Working-time Arrangements (Geneva, 17–21 October 2011)

  2. 2

    Follow-up to the HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200)

  3. 3

    Follow-up on the implementation of the ILO/G20 Training Strategy

Social Dialogue Segment

  1. 4

    Global Dialogue Forums and mandate of sectoral meetings

  2. 5

    Effect to be given to the recommendations of sectoral and technical meetings

  3. 6

    Other questions:

Multinational Enterprises Segment

  1. 9

    Report of the Tripartite Ad Hoc Working Group on the Follow-up Mechanism of the MNE Declaration