Legal Issues and International Labour Standards Section (LILS)

The Section considers constitutional issues; Standing Orders (International Labour Conference, Governing Body, regional meetings, sectoral meetings); ILO’s standard-related work and procedures, including, among other matters; ILO’s supervisory machinery generally, the approval of reports forms for ILO Conventions and Recommendations and the selection of instruments for reporting under article 19 of the ILO Constitution; action relating to the protection of human rights; international legal instruments and judicial decisions affecting the status of the ILO’s standard-setting work; legal agreements concluded by the ILO with other international organizations.

Legal Issues Segment

  1. 1

    Promotion of the ratification of the 1986 Instrument of Amendment of the Constitution of the International Labour Organization

  2. 2

    Matters relating to the representation of employers and workers at the International Labour Conference: Addressing tripartite imbalance within delegations

  3. 3

    Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference

  4. 4

    Other questions

International Standards and Human Rights Segment

  1. 5

    Improvements in the standards-related activities of the ILO

  2. 6

    Report and outcome of the Tripartite Meeting of Experts to examine the Termination of Employment Convention No. 158 and Recommendation No. 166, 1982

  3. 7

    Joint ILO–UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART): Interim report on allegations submitted by teachers’ organizations