Decision on the seventh item on the agenda: Amendments to the Compendium of rules applicable to the Governing Body and to decisions attributing functions to committee structures or Officers

Record of decisions | 30 June 2011

The Governing Body:

(a) adopted modifications to the Introductory note to the Compendium of rules applicable to the Governing Body as proposed in Appendix I of document GB.311/7/1, with the exception of paragraph 21;

(b) adopted amendments to the Standing Orders and Annex VII, as proposed in Appendix II of document GB.311/7/1;

(c) decided to discuss at its 312th Session (November 2011) the intent behind the fourth bullet point agreed in paragraph 24 of document GB.310/9/1 and paragraph 21 of the Introductory note, as proposed in Appendix I to document GB.311/7/1, with a view to agreeing on the appropriate inclusion of that issue in the Compendium of rules applicable to the Governing Body;

(d) Decided that where previous decisions of the Governing Body have attributed functions to the Governing Body committees or to Governing Body committee officers, the functions will be performed respectively by the relevant section or segment of the Governing Body, and the Officers of the Governing Body or members of the Governing Body specifically designated by the Officers to carry out those functions; any such designations will be reported to the Governing Body;

(e) decided to review the practical implementation of the reform package at its 318th Session (November 2013), in order to introduce the necessary adaptations, and request the Screening Group to introduce this item on the agenda of the said session.

(Document GB.311/7/1, paragraph 9)