Enhanced programme of development cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

This document reports on progress made within the context of the programme of development cooperation in the occupied Arab territories. In the light of the precarious Palestinian economic and fiscal situation that hampered a labour market rebound after the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuous rise in tensions, the Governing Body is invited to: (i) take note of the perpetually challenging situation for Palestinian workers, particularly women and youth in Gaza, and support the ILO in reinforcing the Decent Work Agenda and social justice for all Palestinians through its Decent Work Programme; (ii) take note of the significant achievements made since the last reporting period, particularly the renewed tripartite dialogue on social security reforms; and (iii) lend further support to implementing interventions in critical areas under the Palestinian National Employment Strategy that promote longer-term employment solutions (see the draft decision in paragraph 33).

Meeting document | 14 October 2022