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October–November 2022

Programme, Financial and Administrative Section (PFA)

Agenda and documents

Programme, Financial and Administrative Segment

  1. 1

    Preview of the Programme and Budget proposals for 2024-25 (GB.346/PFA/1)

  2. 2

    Matters relating to ILO premises

  3. 3

    Review of the ILO's cybersecurity framework (GB.346/PFA/3)

  4. 4

    Progress report on the development of the ILO Strategy on knowledge and innovation across the Organization (GB.346/PFA/4)

  5. 5

    Other financial questions

Audit and Oversight Segment

  1. 6

    Annual Evaluation Report 2021-22 (GB.346/PFA/6)

  2. 7

    High-level evaluations of strategies and Decent Work Country Programmes (GB.346/PFA/7)

  3. 8

    Summary of findings on the independent evaluation of the ILO’s evaluation function (GB.346/PFA/8)

  4. 9

    Matters relating to the Joint Inspection Unit (GB.346/PFA/9)

Personnel Segment

  1. 10

    Statement by the Chairperson of the Staff Union (No document)

  2. 11

    Amendments to Staff Regulations (if any)

  3. 12

    Matters relating to the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO: Review of the jurisdictional system of the United Nations common system (GB.346/PFA/12)

  4. 13

    Other personnel matters: Recent developments concerning the determination of the post adjustment by the International Civil Service Commission (GB.346/PFA/13)