Decision concerning the progress report on the development of the ILO strategy on knowledge and innovation across the Organization

Record of decisions | 01 November 2022
The Governing Body took note of the overview of progress in knowledge management and innovation in the ILO contained in document GB.346/PFA/4 and requested the Director-General to:

(a) take into account the views expressed by the Governing Body in finalizing the ILO’s strategy on knowledge and innovation to be examined at its 347th Session (March 2023); and

(b) include the proposed work of the ILO Innovation Facility, with details on its programmatic activities, structure and funding, in the Programme and Budget proposals for 2024–25, to be examined by the Governing Body at its 347th Session (March 2023).

(GB.346/PFA/4, paragraph 22, as amended by the Governing Body)