GB.341/POL/3/Decision and related comments

Decision concerning sectoral meetings in 2021 and proposals for sectoral work for 2022–23

Record of decisions | 15 March 2021
The Governing Body, by correspondence:

(a) endorsed the proposals contained in Appendices I and II to document GB.341/POL/3(Rev.1) relating to the dates, official title and composition of the global sectoral meetings in 2021;

(b) decided, for the forthcoming technical meeting on education listed in Appendix II to document GB.341/POL/3(Rev.1), to request the Office to select as Chairperson an independent person with expertise on the matters covered by the agenda and to notify the meeting accordingly, and for the meetings on urban transport services and aquaculture, to appoint one of its members as Chairperson;

(c) authorized the publication on the ILO website of the updated versions of the Guidelines for flag State inspections under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended, and the Guidelines for port State control officers carrying out inspections under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended, referred to in section II of document GB.341/POL/3(Rev.1); and

(d) endorsed the programme of global sectoral meetings and other sectoral work for the biennium 2022–23 set out in Appendix III to document GB.341/POL/3(Rev.1), as recommended by the sectoral advisory bodies, subject to the approval by the International Labour Conference at its 109th Session (June 2021) of the corresponding allocations in the Programme and Budget for 2022–23.

(GB.341/POL/3(Rev.1), para. 22.)

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